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Team members

Elanca Gwee Charlene (ASD), Yang Yu Bing (ASD), Durgaa Devi D/O Manni (ASD), Niveda Jayashankar (EPD), Immanuel Hendra (EPD), Bhuvaneswari Sithanathan (EPD)


Yang Hui Ying, Thomas Schroepfer

Writing Instructors:

Grace Kong

Teaching Assistant:

Srilalitha Gopalakrishnan


Positioning aids used in operating theatres for patient positioning vary in sizes and weight, with the heaviest aid weighing around 5 kilograms. Storing of these aids prove to be a hassle due to their irregular shapes and sizes, as well as their weight. 

In Changi General Hospital, positioning aids are mounted on a stainless steel trolley of height 1.5 metres using a screw clamp. 

This poses 3 problems:



Our Solution:

A positioning aid trolley that is lighter, modular, easily cleanable and adaptable, that caters to the different height, build and age of nurses. 


1) Line-Tracking and Obstacle Sensing

i. Use of line-tracking sensors to aid autonomous movement of trolley

ii. Ultrasound sensors coupled with line-tracking, for obstacle detection; allows for trolley to stop in case of obstacles to prevent accidents


2) Location tracking of trolley units

 Low energy Bluetooth technology used to track position of trolley units in different locations of the operating theatre.

An IoT plaform named Balena used to establish a dashboard for updating the locations of the trolley


3) Adaptable between self-driving mode and manual

Use of special gear coupling system to engage and disengage self-driving mechanism





Multiple trolley units housing positioning aids and other miscellanous items, that can be easily delievered to the operating theatres


Troll-E aims to streamline how deliveries of equipment are conducted in the operating theatres and it has the potential to broaden its scope in healthcare systems.

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In collaboration with:



student Elanca Gwee Charlene Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Yang Yu Bing Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Durgaa Devi D/O Manni Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Niveda Jayashankar Engineering Product Development
student Immanuel Hendra Engineering Product Development
student Bhuvaneswari Sithanathan Engineering Product Development
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