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Student Management System

Team members

Cheah Siew Ru (EPD), Tan Chia Yik (EPD), Michael Junaprasetya (ISTD), Leu Junming Nicholas (ISTD), Jisa Mariam Zachariah (ISTD), Zang Xueqing (ISTD)


Low Hong Yee, Yeo Si Yong

Writing Instructors:

Wong Yoke Chee Susan

Teaching Assistant:

Ardy Samsir Kartolo

Project Description

Spright Academy aims to empower and develop each and every one of their students while keeping parents engaged in the process. However, with its low budget and manpower, it is very hard for Spright Academy to find an all-encompassing solution that suits their workflow and demographics.


Our team has created a two-part student management and parent engagement system:

        1. All-in-one Portable Mobile Application

        2. Web Application Auxillary Tool


Our solution aims to improve staff's workflow efficiency, reducing time spent on repetitive and administrative tasks, as well as provide a one-stop centre for parents to stay updated about their child's activities and requirements at Spright Academy.





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Webpage Mobile App






Attendance & Temperature Recording

  •  ○ Conveniently accessible on the home page.

  •  ○ Intuitive temperature status display.

  •  ○ Automatically generated attendance reports, downloadable on our Web App.



In-Built Chat Platform

  •  ○ Includes text-to-speech and translation capabilities to suit parent demographics.

  •  ○ Supports other features to provide a smoother user experience.

Management of Consent Forms

  •  ○ Staff can send out consent forms directly to parents.

  •  ○ E-signatures can be easily collected for documentation.

  •  ○ Parents are able to track outstanding consent forms that require signing.

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student Cheah Siew Ru Engineering Product Development
student Tan Chia Yik Engineering Product Development
student Michael Junaprasetya Information Systems Technology and Design
student Leu Junming Nicholas Information Systems Technology and Design
student Jisa Mariam Zachariah Information Systems Technology and Design
student Zang Xueqing Information Systems Technology and Design
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