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N'Able - A Navigational Wearable for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Team members

Nigel William Gomes (EPD), Ong Zi Min (EPD), Keith Goh Guan Da (ESD), Kwok Jing Ting Bernice (EPD), Leong EnYi (ISTD), Lin Huiqing (ISTD)


Francisco Benita, Ye Ai, Oka Kurniawan, Sergey Kushnarev

Writing Instructors:

Rashmi Kumar

Teaching Assistant:

Anirudh Maruvada

Haven Tech -
From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank everyone who has helped us on this journey.


Navigation appears to be a simple task for many of us. However, it may be challenging for the Blind and Visually Impaired (BVI) to navigate with ease. Hence we are creating a device that can seamlessly adapt into their lives to improve their ability to navigate independently.


N'Able The Navigational Aid.

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Avoiding obstacles in our path may seem like second nature to many of us, but it poses as a challenge to the BVI community who may be unaware of them. While use of the white cane is able detect obstacles at the ground level, our device complements this feature by informing the BVI about overhanging obstacles above the waist level.

Product Overview

With a mix of various sensors, N'Able seeks to enhance and complement and existing methods of navigation by the blind, such as the use of the white cane. This makes it easy to assimilate the use of N'Able into the BVI's lives and help them navigate the world better.


Navigation Detection

Ultrasonic sensors provide obstacle detection capabilities, allowing the device to alert the user of upper body obstructions in their path.


Navigation Feedback

The device guides the user along their path and alerts them of obstacles through audio cues and haptic feedback. The user can select between these two modes, or a combination of both.



Having buttons allows the BVI to quickly toggle between modes and change the intensity of the feedback.



The device's form factor has been designed for comfort. As a neckband, the weight is distributed evenly on the shoulders, keeping it comfortable for extended usage.

In collaboration with:


student Nigel William Gomes Engineering Product Development
student Ong Zi Min Engineering Product Development
student Keith Goh Guan Da Engineering Systems and Design
student Kwok Jing Ting Bernice Engineering Product Development
student Leong EnYi Information Systems Technology and Design
student Lin Huiqing Information Systems Technology and Design
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