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Team members

Ong Jin Yang Brandon (EPD), Tan Weiheng (EPD), Sim Hong Kai Amos (EPD), Bryan Kong Shin Fai (EPD), Tay Jia Wei (EPD), Cornelius Yap Yu Lin (ISTD), Ryan Joseph Reganit Sacatani (ISTD)


Norman Lee Tiong Seng, Mohan Rajesh Elara

Writing Instructors:

Wong Yoke Chee Susan

Teaching Assistant:

Cheryl Low Rui Min

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What is your project about?
The Seat Track Inspection process is a time-consuming, disruptive, and physically strenuous check that would benefit from a solution that augments the existing workflow of engineers. This would reduce the turnaround time of the aircraft and minimize the disruptiveness of the check by cutting down on man-hours as well as assist in logging and categorizing defects for easier paperwork generation.

Our Industry Exposure and Collaborator

The lean launchpad program is a programme launched to help engineers and visionaries turn their inventive technologies into commercially viable products and feasible business ventures. In this Venture, we met our industry mentor Paul Singh. His knowledge and expertise eventually got us connected to major players in the industry such as SIAEC, HAECO and Bombardier.  Our team manage to secure a collaboration agreement with Bombardier which was instrumental for conducting research and collecting user feedback.

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What is our product?

MIRA is a robot designed to reduce the duration, disruptiveness, and cost of the seat track inspection for aircraft, while improving the accuracy and safety of the inspection process, a critical inspection during maintenance.​


Product Video 


student Ong Jin Yang Brandon Engineering Product Development
student Tan Weiheng Engineering Product Development
student Sim Hong Kai Amos Engineering Product Development
student Bryan Kong Shin Fai Engineering Product Development
student Tay Jia Wei Engineering Product Development
student Cornelius Yap Yu Lin Information Systems Technology and Design
student Ryan Joseph Reganit Sacatani Information Systems Technology and Design
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