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IAS - Intelligent Ambulance System

Team members

Anaqi Pek (EPD), Goh Shi Xiong (EPD), Chua Yue Hian Roy (EPD), Li Yunhao (EPD), Zeng Zimou (ISTD), Shawn Chua Zi Qi (ISTD), Jason Chow Chee Sin (ISTD)


Yeo Si Yong, Ye Ai

Writing Instructors:

Wong Yoke Chee Susan

Teaching Assistant:

Ardy Samsir Kartolo

The IAS is an integrated solution to the simplification and centralisation of Emergency Medical Service (EMS) processes, enabling Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) to be more productive and efficient during deployment and post-deployment.

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Problem Statement

Currently, the SCDF three-man Emergency Medical Service (EMS) crew consists of one Paramedic and two Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). SCDF has a view to shrink the three-man EMS crew to a two-man crew in the future, when conditions are ideal and technological enablers are in place. This necessitates the modernisation of ambulance processes for smaller crews.



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Solution Overview

The IAS addresses the ambulance processes that need modernising using two integrated approaches:

Simplification of menial tasks using digital technology under the Centralised Assistant 

  •     Voice Assistant

  •     Dosage Guide

  •     Patient Vital Sign Monitor

  •     Oxygen System

  •     Inventory Management

Relieving physical workload with mechanical design 

  •     Height Adjustment

  •     Cot-to-Chair Configuration

  •     Power Assist Wheel








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Centralised Assistant


Voice Assistant

Provides remote easy-to-access controls (also controllable with the help of a voice assistant) for the stretcher, wherever the user may be. The voice assistant also assists with key reminders for routine tasks. An example of such is the voice assistant will remind the medical personnel to check the airways or the consciousness of patients at regular intervals.





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Dosage Guide

Measures the weight of young patients and provides EMTs with an estimate of the dosage of certain drugs to inject according to a digital dosage guide.









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Oxygen System

Measures the instant flow rate and remaining oxygen left in the tank and provides reminders to the EMT when the flow rate is too high or the remaining oxygen is low.






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Patient Vital Sign Monitor

Tracks the condition of the patient such as heart rate, temperature and SpO2 and highlights critical information for quick reading on the go.





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Inventory Management

Tracks items within the medical bag used by the EMS crew and notifies the EMT when items are expired or not scanned when packing the bag.







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Mechanical Systems



Height Adjustment

Provides motorised height adjustment to change the system's level, reducing the effort in loading a patient onto the ambulance cot. Controllable both manually and through the centralised tablet application.









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Cot-to-Chair Configuration

Maintains the cot-to-chair functionality from the FERNO stretcher, which reduces the size of the stretcher so that it can fit through narrow spaces and in the lift.










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Power Assist Wheel

It assists the EMS crew with pushing the ambulance cot when the cot is loaded with a patient. It is integrated with sensors to assist in steering the stretcher when making turns in tight corridors.










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We would like to thank Prof Ye Ai and Prof Yeo Si Yong for their continued support and advice throughout the whole capstone journey, despite the ups and downs brought by COVID-19.

We would also like to thank Prof Chee Huei for providing advice on our electrical connections and design.

We would also like to thank Dr Susan Wong, for unceasingly providing valuable feedback and comments on our presentation and report writing styles.

Furthermore, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all our FabLab staff, Mr Yeo, Richard, Wanzhen, Zhen Hui and Cavin for their timely support and help throughout the manufacturing processes for our various systems.

We would also like to thank HTX for their support in providing guidance and access to information for our problem.

Intelligent Ambulance System: Capstone 05 Project S02

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Project Poster



student Anaqi Pek Engineering Product Development
student Goh Shi Xiong Engineering Product Development
student Chua Yue Hian Roy Engineering Product Development
student Li Yunhao Engineering Product Development
student Zeng Zimou Information Systems Technology and Design
student Shawn Chua Zi Qi Information Systems Technology and Design
student Jason Chow Chee Sin Information Systems Technology and Design
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