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Team members

Tseng Yun Ching (ASD), Chua Bing Lun (ASD), Wee Hong Boon (EPD), Lim Jia Qi (EPD), Chan Xi Ling Jocelyn (EPD), Ng Pei Shi Doreen (ISTD)


Thomas Schroepfer, Joel Yang, Jiang Wenchao

Writing Instructors:

Grace Kong

Teaching Assistant:

Srilalitha Gopalakrishnan

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Project Overview

In recent years where gaming technology has been constantly improving,
the gaming chair has yet to serve much purpose aside from comfort.
To change this, we aim to create a new gaming chair that elevates the gaming experience by incorporating technology.

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As a gamer, WINNING is our only goal.
By achieving greater competitiveness and immersion in a game,
it means more time to activate more of your senses and react better.

With this idea in mind, our team has incorporated functions like a cooling system, haptic feedback, and lighting display panels to fully immerse gamers in the game using senses aside from sight and hearing, to increase the odds of winning.

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Feature 1: Extendable Lighting Panel

Drop the colour, and relax in your own world!

The extendable lighting panels incorporates lines of LED strips.
Projecting the screen color, or choosing the random colour cycle, the ambient light hugging from around will surely make things more enjoyable.

Customizable panel positions allow extension and retraction to be done easily.
Setting up a cosy gaming zone whenever needed, and saving up the space when you are done gaming.
All can be easily adjusted with a few taps on the control panel screen.

Feature 2: Active Cooling System

Stay cool and stay chill, in game and in reality.

Attaching a cooling system below the chair and channeling it to the backrest,
elevating the heat from the excitement or from
prolonged seating.
This provides the user with a comfortable gaming chair
that cools you down all the time.

Too cold? It can be switched off anytime.
Not cold enough? Use of TEC provides further cooling whenever needed.
Maintain a comfortable state just with a few taps on the screen.

Feature 3: Responsive Haptic Wears

See it, Hear it, and now, FEEL it.

Activate a new sensation while in game and establish a new connection with the chair.
With haptic feedback that comes from sound intensity and direction, feel and enjoy every single moment in the game, in movies, or just vibe to the music.

The built-in haptic vest is attached using an adjustable and retractable strap, to enable people of different age and sizes to use the vest comfortably.
Simply toggle the button on the control panel, drop the beat, and immerse yourself in the game.

Feature 4: Touchscreen Control

Buttons all over the place? That's not happening.

With all the features incorporated, a touchscreen control
panel is set up, so everything is nice and neat.

Mounted on the extendable lighting panel,
adjust it to whatever position that is most comfortable, and just sit back and enjoy.

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In collaboration with:

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student Tseng Yun Ching Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Chua Bing Lun Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Wee Hong Boon Engineering Product Development
student Lim Jia Qi Engineering Product Development
student Chan Xi Ling Jocelyn Engineering Product Development
student Ng Pei Shi Doreen Information Systems Technology and Design
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