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Team members

David Fan (EPD), Tong Hui Kang (ESD), Ng Ming Hao Kenny (ESD), Wong Tin Kit (ISTD), Lee Jia Le (ISTD), Tey Shi Ying (ISTD)


Francisco Benita, Kenny Choo, Sergey Kushnarev, Nagarajan Raghavan

Writing Instructors:

Rashmi Kumar

Teaching Assistant:

Anirudh Maruvada

Equitize is an equity crowdfunding platform powered by Zilliqa's blockchain technology. Startups can fundraise from retail investors and successfully funded startups are tracked using a milestone system. Zilliqa's blockchain helps to build trust and transparency between retail investors, the platform and startups as all funds and conditions are locked in smart contracts.


Crowdfunding platforms are an increasingly popular method as an alternative source of investment for start-ups to raise funds quickly without having to spend extra effort to look for accredited investors, or take up loans to gain traction and progress on their venture project. Retail investors in Singapore however, have little to no access to investing in early stage startups and hence are unable to participate in the development of start-ups in their local scene. 


Our solution bridges the gap between start-ups and retail investors in Singapore to provide more opportunities for retail investors to invest in private equities of start-ups whilst providing start-ups with an alternative source of funding.

User Flow


Key Features



Prior to raising capital, start-ups will have to propose a reasonable set of milestones during the campaign creation process. Upon a successful fundraising campaign, start-ups will be required to meet each milestone in order to unlock an increasing amount of funds from the retail investors. This increases investor security as they will be reimbursed with a percentage of their investment if the start-up were to fail their objectives.


Each crowdfunding round is implemented on the Zilliqa blockchain adding an additional layer of trust to our platform as the funds are locked in smart contracts. This implies that no individual (including the admin) will be able to access the funds and the funds will only be redistributed once the conditions defined in the code are met.

Recommendation system

Our platform implements a recommendation system to account for the preferences of each retail investor and recommend campaigning start-ups that suit their profile. Retail investors can opt to indicate their age, gender, and industry preferences when they first register on our platform.



Industry Partner


System Architecture

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student David Fan Engineering Product Development
student Tong Hui Kang Engineering Systems and Design
student Ng Ming Hao Kenny Engineering Systems and Design
student Wong Tin Kit Information Systems Technology and Design
student Lee Jia Le Information Systems Technology and Design
student Tey Shi Ying Information Systems Technology and Design
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