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Early Prediction System for Heat-Related Injuries

Team members

Natalie Lim Min (EPD), Martin Ho Zhengyi (ESD), Eugene Lian Qi Xiang (ESD), Ong Li-Chang (ISTD), Suhas Sahu (ISTD), Li Yiwen (ISTD)


Nagarajan Raghavan, Keegan Kang, Cyrille Pierre Joseph Jegourel

Writing Instructors:

Nurul Wahidah Binte Mohd Tambee

Teaching Assistant:

Ataman Cem


Rising temperatures due to global warming and an extremely humid climate are turning Singapore into a hotbed for disaster. Heat-related injuries are some of the most prevalent issues faced by tropical countries. This can be further exacerbated by physical activity.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more Singaporeans have turned to exercise to relieve their stress. But paradoxically, nearly one-third of Singaporeans have admitted to piling on the kilos during the pandemic. Out of shape, untrained individuals who are not heat adapted are high-risk candidates for heat-related injuries. Even highly trained individuals who adopt heat adaptation practices are not immune from an attack.

Whilst complete recovery from a heat-related injury can occur in 24-48 hours if treated, cases that go unnoticed and untargeted can cause long term damage to one’s brain, heart, kidneys and muscle. Current solutions are focused on treating the solution but none are looking at preventing it. This is where Hinjurtek comes in. 

What It Does

Hinjurtek is an early prediction system for heat-related injuries. Our aim is to reduce the number of critical cases by automating early-stage intervention.

Hinjurtek can significantly reduce the possibility of deteriorating to a life-threatening stage.

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How It Works

The system consists of a hardware wearable, cloud-based prediction algorithm and companion app that handles information gathering, analysis, detection, alerts, and notifications.

Hinjurtek will analyse a user’s physical readings and forewarn them of any potential heat-related injury threat. The system will store, search, and classify data gathered into various threat groups and keep users aware in real-time through a dynamic alert system

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Hardware Device

The Hinjurtek hardware wearable is a light and portable device equipped with the necessary sensors to detect an impending heat-related injury.

Simply strap it on and boot it up and your biometric readings will be uploaded to the cloud for processing. 

Heatcheck CAD Render



Prediction Algorithm 

Our machine learning algorithm learns and adapts to your environment and body. Alerts become more accurate and personalised over time

Predictive Algorithm



Companion App

Our companion app allows users to monitor their biometrics in real time and receive alerts when an impeding heat-related injury is predicted

Companion App v2



Industry Partner:


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student Natalie Lim Min Engineering Product Development
student Martin Ho Zhengyi Engineering Systems and Design
student Eugene Lian Qi Xiang Engineering Systems and Design
student Ong Li-Chang Information Systems Technology and Design
student Suhas Sahu Information Systems Technology and Design
student Li Yiwen Information Systems Technology and Design
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