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BVLOS Inter-Drone Communications

Team members

Tan Jin Yuan (EPD), Ishika Kajaria (EPD), Edrea Tai Song Yi (EPD), Keenan Kuah Min Jun (ESD), Sheikh Salim Bin Mohamed Aneess Alrragi (ISTD), Soong Le Xuan (ISTD), Tan Shin Jie (ISTD)


Francisco Benita, Ye Ai, Oka Kurniawan, Sergey Kushnarev

Writing Instructors:

Rashmi Kumar

Teaching Assistant:

Anirudh Maruvada

Problem Statement

Rapid increase of the drone adoption has inevitably complicated the management of the growing air traffic. Our team aims to provide additional capability to enable inter-drone communications for drone pilots. This helps Airspace Management Authority to address issues of collision avoidance, seamless regulation, accountability of drone pilots and safe and secure drone operations.


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A hardware-software integrated system powered by
information sharing and distributed algorithm computation
for safer drone operation.


Drone Status Monitoring

GCS UI allows drone operators to monitor drone status with ease through browser.

Monitoring Image

Collision Avoidance Assistant

Custom designed user interface to aid pilot avoiding drone collisions by providing instructions to change flight path towards collision-free course.

Collision Avoidance Assistant Image

Cross Platform Experience

Plug-and-play solution that is drone OS agnostic.

Cross Platform Experience Image

How it works?

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1. Equip your drone from any brands with companion computer.

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2. Participate in information-sharing network with other drones.

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3. Algorithm distributed to each drone through companion computer will determine potential collisions.

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4. Algorithm also computes corrective trajectory for colliding drones.

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5. Pilots will be able to monitor drones remotely and see suggestions from algorithm to avoid collision through GCS UI.


ORCA Algorithm

ORCA Algorithm Image

Optimal Reciprocal Collision Avoidance (ORCA) algorithm uses the idea of velocity obstacles and flight data from the onboard sensors to determine and detect a potential collision during flight.

Inter-Drone Communication

Inter-Drone Communication Image

Inter-Drone Communication is achieved through cellular network and managed by a logical server that is responsible for nearby drones discovery. The database is powered by an open-sourced geospatial relational database management system, PostGIS.

In Collaboration with:

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A Safer Sky By Design.


student Tan Jin Yuan Engineering Product Development
student Ishika Kajaria Engineering Product Development
student Edrea Tai Song Yi Engineering Product Development
student Keenan Kuah Min Jun Engineering Systems and Design
student Sheikh Salim Bin Mohamed Aneess Alrragi Information Systems Technology and Design
student Soong Le Xuan Information Systems Technology and Design
student Tan Shin Jie Information Systems Technology and Design
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