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Bespoke Learning Platform

Team members

Chong Jun Wei (ESD), Teresa Liew Si Min (ESD), Jesslyn Woo Xin Yun (ESD), Vanessa Kwok Yong Yi (ESD), Guo Ziwei (ISTD), Wang Zilin (ISTD), Luo Shijie (ISTD)


Cyrille Pierre Joseph Jegourel, Francisco Benita, Sergey Kushnarev

Writing Instructors:

Grace Kong

Teaching Assistant:

Srilalitha Gopalakrishnan

Project Overview

The current quality of parent-tutor matching services can be unreliable due to a lack of transparency of information. Critical information such as the teaching style of the tutors, the strength and weaknesses of the students are unavailable to both parties prior to the confirmation of the tuition assignment, resulting in an unsatisfactory tuition experience. Hence, our project aims to provide a holistic and fuss-free, end-to-end service to parents and tutors to streamline the tuition recruitment and teaching experience.


The opacity of the current hiring process results in high inefficiency in matching the appropriate tutor with the student. Parents have to rely on the limited information available to them to decide the tutor and some may end up selecting a tutor who is not up for the job. This results in precious time and money wasted with the tutor and searching for a new tutor as a replacement. After the matching has been completed, the third-party platform charges expensive administration fees without providing sufficient follow-up services. Other issues faced are: Parents indicated the inability to track their child's progress and Tutors indicated the lack of access to educational resources


Our Solution

User Interface: Simple interface for ease of navigation and use.

Recommendation Model: A mixture of Collaborative Filtering, Content-Based Recommendation and Knowledge-Based Recommendation.  

Data: Webscrapped online data of tutors and parents' assignments.

Frontend: Built in React Native using Javascript. 

Backend: APIs hosted in Cloud. 

Application Architecture

app architecture






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Societal Impacts


Recommendation Model






User Flow/Instructional Video


In Collaboration with Bespoke Learning Pte Ltd. 

We would like to extend our gratitude to our Industry Mentors: Darren, Andy and Jennifer for their guidance and support throughout our entire Capstone journey. 

We would also like to sincerely thank our Capstone Instructors, Prof. Cyrille, Prof. Francisco, Prof. Sergey & Grace for their valuable advice and help, striving us to do better.


student Chong Jun Wei Engineering Systems and Design
student Teresa Liew Si Min Engineering Systems and Design
student Jesslyn Woo Xin Yun Engineering Systems and Design
student Vanessa Kwok Yong Yi Engineering Systems and Design
student Guo Ziwei Information Systems Technology and Design
student Wang Zilin Information Systems Technology and Design
student Luo Shijie Information Systems Technology and Design
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