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An Other Wall

Team members

Yoo Fei Yi (ASD), Lee Yin Jie (ASD), Tsou Li Tian Matthew (ASD), Lee Song Lin (ASD), Thum Kai Jie (EPD), Lim Yun Kai Clara (EPD)


Chong Keng Hua, Nagarajan Raghavan

Writing Instructors:

Nurul Wahidah Binte Mohd Tambee

Teaching Assistant:

Kanchana Devi Sokkalingam

An Other Wall

A modular display solution for more sustainable museum exhibitions

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There is a widespread use of custom-made walls in museum exhibitions which leads to a large amount of wastage in materials. In order to tackle this issue of sustainability, our team proposes a modular display system that is versatile, reusable and easily implementable.

The System

The display system is consists of aluminium extrusion elements as well as the host of extrusion connectors that are available for joinery purposes. It also makes use of 3D printing to fabricate certain parts


















The Wall

The wall system is split into the top (T) modules and the bottom (B) modules, with increment (Ti and Bi) modules used to expand horizontally. Expansion modules (Tx and Bx) are also used to cater to finer adjustments and ensure that all horizontal lengths for the wall can be met.

These modules are also easily collapsible into trolley form to allow for easy storage and transport.

Assembly and Disassembly of A Single Module

Assembly of Wall




Audio-Visual Support and Cable Management

Cables and electronics can be stored neatly inside the wall, using a custom wall and 3D-printed cable clips.





















Telescopic profiles allow the wall to expand up to an additional 600mm. This helps the wall to adjust to any desired length.











Load Bearing Brackets

L brackets attached at the bottom of the modules bear most of the loads due to the plywood panels and the artworks.












The pedestal module measures 0.3m x 0.3m x 0.25m (LxWxH). The modules can be stacked and kept without further disassembly of each module. They can be easily transported by hand or by trolley.












Pedestal Configurations

The module can be aggregated to make up various sizes of pedestals. Such configurations can produce various forms of pedestals, potentially introducing a new method of exhibition.














The pedestal modules are joined together using connector plates located on the inside of the modules.










Wires and cables can be neatly kept inside the pedestal, so lights can be added.










Site Protection and Adjustability to Uneven Floors

Adjustable foot mounts that are attachable to both the wall and the pedestals allow them to be levelled on uneven floors. The rubber foot pads are durable and do not scratch the floor.




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pedestal iso trolley
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pedestal zoom 6
pedestal zoom light




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student Yoo Fei Yi Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Lee Yin Jie Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Tsou Li Tian Matthew Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Lee Song Lin Architecture and Sustainable Design
student Thum Kai Jie Engineering Product Development
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